Play list for December 2, 2018





FotheringayWinter WindsFotheringayHannibal Records
David MiltonThe Last Long ShipSongs From the Bell ManStory Records
Bob MacLeanThe Glow Of The Kerosene LightSingle MaltSelf-Release
Naming The TwinsAngels In The SnowSing The Winter AwayDuet Right Records
House Of HamillSorry For The Delay / Magnificent Map / Sue's SongMarch Through StormsSelf-Release
BorealSilence Of The SnowWinter's WelcomeSelf-Release
Rachael McShane & The CartographersPloughman LadsWhen All Is StillSelf-Release
Damien O'Kane & Ron BlockTrip To Portugal / Guiseppe'sBanjophonyPure Records
The Tannahill WeaversJessie The Floo'er O'DunblaneÓrachCompass Records
Kitty MacfarlaneSea SilkNamer Of CloudsNavigator Records
Reid JamiesonSong For A Winter's NightSongs For A Winter's NightSelf-Release
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