Play list for November 26, 2017





MalinkyThe Hills Of ArdmornLast LeavesGreentrax Recordings
Éilís KennedyThe Hills Of Isle Au HautWestwardSelf-Release
Sam BaardmanSolar FlareThe RookerySelf-Release
Siobhan MillerBanks Of NewfoundlandStrataSpringprint Recordings
West Of MabouWillie Fraser's / The Silver Spear / Crossing The Minch / Clumsy LoverWest Of MabouSelf-Release
Bourne & MacLeodLost On The BayouDance & CelebrateAttic World
Garnet RogersThe Outside TrackThe Outside TrackSnow Goose Songs
BoreasRed Earth / Sillery 1853Ahoy HoyIsle Music
Sarah McQuaidThe Tug Of The MoonSingleShovel And A Spade Records
Bett PadgettBirds Of WinterAt The End Of The DayCeilidhe's Music
Shawna CaspiNever EnoughForest FireSelf-Release
Poor AngusJoni Mitchell's Reel / Scott Cameron Smith's Reel / Gordon Lightfoot's ReelPrime CutsFogarty's Cove Music
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