Play list for September 3, 2017





ClannadFarewell LoveLoreAtlantic Recording Corporation Music
Colum SandsLook Where I've Ended Up NowLook Where I've Ended Up NowSpring Records
Ryan's FancyI'm A RoverWhat A Time! Volume 2SingSong Inc.
Matthew ByrneGo To Sea No MoreHorizon LinesSelf-Release
CranSpindle Shanks / The Bellbarbour / The Ivy LeafThe Crooked StairCross Border Media
Garnet RogersAll That IsAll That Is-The Songs Of Garnet RogersRed House Records
The JeremiahsDerry GoalThe Femme Fatale Of MaineSelf-Release
CòigO'Dowd's #9 / 42 Beech AvenueRoveSelf-Release
Ewan WilkinsonFar From The SeaLost In The DayBrechin All Records
Emily SmithEdward Of MortonTen YearsWhite Fall Records
The DublinersThe Wild RoverThe DublinersCeltic Collections
Marty's PartyCold CornerCold CornerSelf-Release
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