Play list for August 14, 2016





Ewan WilkinsonBroom O' The CowdenknowesLost In The DayBrechin All Records
Maz O'ConnorThe Singing Of The OceanThis Willowed LightWild Sound Recordings
The Wailin' JennysBeginFirecrackerJericho Beach Music
KernThe Hard WindFalse DeceiverSelf-Release
DanúTuamgraney Castle / The Broken Pledge / The Braes Of BusbyBuanSelf-Release
TanglefootJack The GreenA Grain Of SaltSelf-Release
Ennis SistersOctober WindEnnis SistersSelf-Release
Wendy Stewart & Gary WestGoodwife Of MorpethHinterlandsMoulincairn
The Belle HollowsA Different Kind Of RainMiller's CreekElm Hill Records
RosheenSong For A Lost LoveMusique CeltiqueCompass Records
Jake WaltonThe Lakes Of InnisfreeSilver MuseCeltic Monkey
The DardanellesLong Point Reel / Noel's Din / McBenThe Eastern LightSelf-Release
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