Play list for August 9, 2020





SkipinnishLand Below The WavesSteer By The StarsSkipinnish Records
The Dovetail TrioA BroadsideBold ChampionsGR Records
Great Big SeaCan't Stop FallingTurnWEA
Chambless & MuseHarbour WallPassing Tales & GloriesSaddell Abbey Music
West Of MabouMoving Cloud / The Stone Frigate / Jenny Dang The WeaverThe BridgeSelf-Release
The NavigatorsThe Bold French SoldierSoldiers And SailorsSelf-Release
West AwakeBlack Velvet BandLive At The Dublin Pub In Dayton, OHSelf-Release
IonaLes Mardi Gras / Reuben's Train / Le Reel BeatriceSilverBarnaby Productions
Rum RaggedBarque In The HarbourRum RaggedSelf-Release
Jessica HeineCould Have Loved You BetterGoodbye PartyFallen Tree Records
Stevie PalmerWalk Beneath Your ShadeHeartprint ShadowGreentrax Recordings
CeilidhdoniaCorriechoillies / Sweet Maid Of Glendaruel / Kirkwall BayCircadian RhythmsBrechin All Records
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