Play list for July 26, 2020





Karan CaseyHollis BrownHieroglyphs That Tell The TaleVertical Records
DàimhHiù Ra Bhò Nuair A Chaidh Mi A GhlaschuTuneshipGoat Island Music
Poor AngusWilliam MacGillivrayGatheringFogarty's Cove Music
Same Latitude As RomeSong For Louis RielEarly DaysSelf-Release
Allison LuptonOjnab / Benoit's PoolHalf My HeartLearig Music
RéaltaSiobhán Ní DhuibhirOpen The Door For ThreeSelf-Release
Eddi ReaderMaid O'The LochCavalierReveal Records
DanúThe Connemara Hornpipe / The LeveretteTen Thousand MilesSelf-Release
Colleen RaneySorrowlessfieldStanding In DoorwaysLittle Sea Records
Sam BaardmanProspect BayThe RookerySelf-Release
Great Big SeaFerryland SealerTurnWEA
Aly BainThe Day DawnThe Ultimate Guide To Scottish FolkARC Music
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