Play list for June 30, 2013





DervishThe Lover's TokenThe Thrush In The StormWhirling Discs
The JohnstonsThe Frog's WeddingThe Best Of Irish FolkCastle
Rawlins CrossColleenAtlantic Standards: Kitchen PartyWarner
John Allan CameronThe Banks Of SicilyHere Comes John Allan CameronStephen MacDonald Productions
GenticorumDélineEnregistré LiveLes Productions du Moulin
Hounds Of FinnOceanGravity PullsNew Folk
Mary Jane Lamond & Wendy MacIsaacÒran A'Mhèirlich (The Thief's Song)SeinnTurtlemusik
Burning Bridget ClearyClay Slaps Reel / The Appropriate Dipstick / Trip To Miriam'sPressed For TimeSelf-Release
Kilmaine SaintsThe Fields Of AthenryDrunken RedemptionSelf-Release
Si KahnSailing To AlaskaBristol BayStrictly Country
Parcel O'RoguesYour Daughters And Your SonsParcel O'RoguesTemple
April VerchDusty Miller / Fiddle Fingers / Grizzly BearBright Like GoldSlab Town
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