Play list for June 14, 2020





Briege MurphyTen Thousand MilesFrom Now OnSelf-Release
SkipinnishAnchors Of The SoulSteer By The StarsSkipinnish Records
Rosemary LawtonCaroline And Her Young Sailor BoldUntamedCitadel House Records
SetantaAlbatrossTraditional Irish MusicSelf-Release
NuaDriving SongBoldSelf-Release
Joey KitsonThe Field Behind The PlowStanGround Swell Records
Nic JonesFarewell To The GoldAn Introduction To Nic JonesTopic Records
CranAn Dro / Romanain RollickThe Crooked StairCross Border Media
Silly WizardGlasgow PeggyCaledonia's Hardy SonsShanachie Records
Brooksie WellsIn My PocketIn My PocketDown Home Diva Records
Adam BaxterStar SailorsInfinityCitadel House Records
Tickle HarbourJulia Delaney / Farewell To ErinBattery IncludedSelf-Release
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