Play list for April 9, 2017





RuaRide OnDream-TellerCeltic Collections Ltd.
MànranI Shall Not Walk AloneAn Dà Là-The Two DaysSelf-Release
Nathan RogersThe GauntletThe GauntletBorealis Records
The PoguesDirty Old TownRum, Sodamy & The LashWEA Music
The Sarah Burnell BandMom's Jig / Duncan ChisolmReturn TicketSelf-Release
Eddie & Finbar FureyThe Curragh Of KlidareBest Of Irish FolkCastle Communications
Cara LuftThe BlacksmithTempting The StormBlue Case Tunes
TaarkaFinn McCool Crosses The Rocky MountainsFading MysterySelf-Release
Luka BloomAcross The BreezeThe New MorningBig Sky Records
The OnceJack The SailorRow Upon Row Of The People They KnowBorealis Records
Atlantic UnionWaltz Around The CapeHomewardBlue Island Records
Emer KennyThe MarchFades Into DayTriloka Records
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