Play list for April 7, 2019





Heidi TalbotTell Me Do You Ever Think Of MeHere We Go 1,2,3Navigator Records
Kitty MacfarlaneWrecking DaysNamer Of CloudsNavigator Records
Bob MacLeanBogie's Bonnie BellSingle MaltSelf-Release
Bruce GuthroSo SmallNo Final DestinationRidge Records
Hanz ArakiPaddy Fahey's / When Sick Is It Tea You Want? / The Humors Of LisheenForeign ShoreLittle Sea
RunaThaneyTEN: The Errant NightSelf-Release
The Ennis SistersLast Of A KindKeeping TimeSelf-Release
ÉcosseA Thousand Miles From Judique / Kitchen SyncThe Auld AllianceSelf-Release
Ruth Notman & Sam KellyThe IslandChangeable HeartPure Records
David FranceyOnly LoveThe Broken Heart Of EverythingLaker Music
Over The RhineLeavin' DaysLove Of RevelationSelf-Release
The CottarsThe Bothy Band Jig / The Diplodocus / Planxty MiraOn Fire!Sea-Cape Music
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