Play list for February 19, 2017





ConnlaDaily Growing / Willie CurransRiver WaitingSelf-Release
The Pitmen PoetsBlack DiamondsMore Black DiamondsSelf-Release
Maria DunnJock StewartGatheringDistant Whisper Music
Same Latitude As RomeSong For Louis RielEarly DaysSelf-Release
Lydia Sylvia MartinFisher's Hornpipe / Barlow KnifeChasing the GhostDryad Records
Moore & McGregorPath Of The PaddleDream With MeIvernia Records
Maurice McGrathBand Of GoldWinsome WaysSelf-Release
April VerchTrip To Windsor / Back Up And Push / Dusty Miller / Woodchoppers BreakdownThe April Verch AnthologySlab Town Records
Ruaile BuaileIt'll Be Alright In The EndThis Very MomentSelf-Release
Ennis SistersOut From St. Leonard'sStagesSelf-Release
Pauline ScanlonThe Poorest CompanyGossamerSelf-Release
The ChieftainsO'Sullivan's MarchThe Essential ChieftainsRCA Victor / Legacy
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