Play list for February 4, 2018





ConnlaMoon And StarsRiver WaitingSelf-Release
Damien O'KaneAll Among The BarleyAvenging & BrightPure Records
Ryan's FancyThe Galway ShawlWhat A Time! Volume 2SingSong Inc.
Atlantic UnionA Clear And Ancient HarmonyHomewardBlue Island Records
The CottarsMolly Rankin's Reel / Saint Anne's Reel / Dinkie Dorian'sOn Fire!Sea-Cape Music
Eddi ReaderMacushlaVagabondReveal Records
CodaMingulay Boat SongTrain Of SpiritsCoda Music
Fred MorrisonKansas City HornpipeThe Ultimate Guide To Scottish FolkARC Music
Chambless & MuseThe Bonny Ship The DiamondThe Lang Awa' ShipsSelf-Release
The FugitivesWild OneThe Promise Of StrangersBorealis Records
Ennis SistersA LullabyStagesSelf-Release
Doolin'Reel Africa: The Old Maid / Splendid IsolationDoolin'Compass Records
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